Hot Water System playing up?

Better have it replaced then! Not necessarily. Some Plumbers may advise that your Hot Water System needs replacing when really all it needs is a service, or maybe some replacement parts. Why go to all the expense of replacing the whole unit when some expert TLC might be all it needs?

At Euro Plumbing & Gas Solutions we pride ourselves in the honest way in which we guide our customers through plumbing issues. If you’re HWS can be repaired to keep it working safely, we’ll tell you, rather than just tell you a whole new unit is needed.

Of course, if your system is beyond repair, we can replace it immediately with no fuss, mess, or stress. If need be, we can even install a temporary hot water system so you’re experience no inconvenience while we organise the perfect solution for your needs.

To increase the life-span of your HWS though, we recommend that you have it serviced by a professional once a year. The anodes within should also be changed every two years to minimise corrosion and ensure many more years of faithful service.

Sick of your electric Hot Water System?

There’s no better time to switch your electric system over to natural gas. Speak to Euro Plumbing & Gas Solutions today to take advantage of the $500 rebates on offer.

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